Haley's Make-A-Wish trip to DisneyLand on her 3rd birthday in October of 2009. The videos were taken in HD. Depending on your media player and computer, you may need to let the video load and buffer, then play it again for best quality.
These video clips and slideshows captured small minutes of Haley's life. We hope they give you a glimpse of the real Haley and warm your heart.
Cell phone clips. If your player screen is too large, they will be distorted. You should size your player about 2"x2", no larger than 3"x3".
Haley hanging out
with Mimi and Larry
Haley at the clinic making a "movie" for Larry who was in the hopsital.
Haley hanging out with Mamaw and Papaw
And a move for Papaw who was also in the hospital
Haley going with Daddy to see the fairies
Haley practicing her
"Monkey Walk" in the pool.
Haley riding the Ladybug with Mommy and Daddy
Haley playing Hide and Seek with Rylea
Spaghatti Dinner -
Haley is about 2 and 1/2 years old.
Heather is trying to get Haley to say "Daddy".
Heather is still
trying and Haley is
still laughing!
Haley practicing saying "happy".
Haley on "Its A Small World" ride.
Haley meeting Mickey Mouse.
This is the slide show created for Haley's service. It is 11 minutes long and contains pictures and music.
It provides a wonderful photographic look at Haley's life.
Haley created the art in this slideshow between the ages of two and three and 1/2 years old.
Click on the small "play button to view the slide show or click on the thumbnails to view at your own pace.
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