Financial Assistance
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Haleycurls For Hope Foundation has limited financial resources. We raise money thru donations, fundraisers and sale of merchandise at events. The ability to provide financial assistance is very important to us. We receive multiple requests each month and carefully evaluate and prioritize each application. Please be as detailed as possible when completing your application.

The Financial Assistance Package is a 4 page document with information, forms and submission instructions and can be downloaded from our File Cabinet.

If you prefer to have a copy of the package emailed, mailed or faxed to you , click here to email your specific request.

-Carefully read all information in the Financial Assistance Application Package.

-Our Financial Assistance is in the form of payments directly to creditors. We do not provide funds directly to families.

-You must always download a copy of the latest Financial Assistance Application from our File Cabinet. Do not rely on a copy you might have previously obtained as we occasionally find the need to edit our application package.

-A Social Worker must work with families to submit an application.

-All information on the application must be complete and accurate.

-Copies of bills, invoices, overdue notices, etc. must be submitted with the application.

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